Mini Game Accelerator

GWP3Designed for teams or organisations who want to create a purposeful, educational or change-focused game and want to get the process jumpstarted.

Individuals will learn the fundamentals of game design in the morning and in the afternoon they will apply what they’ve learnt. Working in small teams, participants will create paper prototypes (very early game mockups) of their games. The day concludes with discussion and professional feedback on the prototypes, voting on which one to move ahead with and a plan on how to take it forward.

Workshop features

  • 1 day, up to 20 people
  • Kickstart the development of your team/organisation’s game
  • No coding or knowledge of games required
  • Hands on, direct learning through creating and playing games
  • Leave with a game prototype that can be developed further

 Sample Schedule

  • Icebreaker game
  • Opening circle
  • Introduction to the workshop
  • Discussion of what kind of game we’re going to create
  • Introduction to game design (presentation)
  • Morning tea & initial team formation
  • Play Metagame – the game of making games
  • Lunch & final team formation
  • Metagame debrief
  • Introduction to prototyping and playtesting (presentation)
  • Teams begin working on their prototypes
  • Prototype presentations, discussions and voting – groups decide on which prototype to move ahead with
  • Next steps & wrap



  • 4 tables, each with enough room for 5 people to work together
  • 1 whiteboard or flipchart
  • An outdoor area to play Gargoyles (can also be played indoors in a large empty space)
  • Projector for presentations
  • All other workshop materials provided
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