It is rare to be able to actually practice the complete set of skills taught in a workshop, during the workshop itself. I think that helps people to have the confidence to go ahead use the skills themselves.

The workshop was very effective at teaching how to naturally incorporate a strategic, ethical approach to games making.

[The workshop] was full of fun, excitement, play and ideas… It up skilled a few of our more senior staff who were less familiar with game principles, but are now more confident in applying game design methods to online learning and engagement. Thanks so much for the contribution of energy and ideas you’ve made so far on this project, your support and enthusiasm has been really valuable in helping us progress!

I am still buzzing!  It was such a great workshop (very impressed). I’ve been raving to all and sundry about it!

[Your workshop had] powerful insights. Much needed message. Empowering clarity.

Thanks so much for your expertise… your report was very insightful and I can see lots of jumping off points for further exploration.

I’ve come back into the office reinvigorated, energised and full of potential ideas on how we can incorporate what was shared this morning into our programs.

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