Memori (2014)

Memori was a live escape room experience at the State Library of Western Australia. Individuals or teams tested their wits against an array of fiendish puzzles!

“Are you interested in the mysteries of the human brain? Perhaps you are experiencing deja vu right now Have you ever considered being a test lab subject?
If you answered yes to any of these questions then you’re the person (or animal, or robot) that we are looking for. BAISMENT Labs, a top secret research centre located underneath the State Library of Western Australia, have begun an exciting project that will break new ground (and minds) – scientifically and historically. We have developed a new device which enables direct connection between our computers and the minds of anyone (living or dead), allowing us to view and record anything and everything. What could go wrong?

Whilst the full details of the project are considered highly confidential, we are looking for new members to join our team of memory explorers — or MEMORInauts — who will be tasked with the memory exploration and recording.”


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Created with Games We Play and Excalibur Productions

  • Kate Raynes-Goldie
  • Harry Lee
  • Rebecca Metcalf
  • Ashleigh Nicolau


State Library of WA

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