The Time-o-Matic Travelator (2008)

The Time-o-Matic Travelator was a cross-media locative game developed for Curtin University’s Open Day, with the intention of showcasing Curtin’s commitment to innovation, as well as the campus itself.

Visitors to Open Day joined the game simply by sending an SMS. From there, they were guided across the campus to perform a variety of challenges that incorporated SMS/WAP clues, prerecorded phone messages, a variety of physical media, and objects in the environment. Players came across these challenges by discovering special business cards distributed through various Open Day venues. Fourteen cards and challenges were available, but players only needed to find and complete six to win a prize. As such, the game promoted non-linear exploration and discovery in the vein of a typical festival experience, while taking players on an enjoyable journey through some of the lesser-known aspects of Curtin. A lightweight and humorous narrative about time travel brought it all together.

How It Was Played

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Created with Atmosphere Industries

  • Kate Raynes-Goldie
  • David Fono
  • Alex Raynes-Goldie
  • Luke Walker


Curtin University

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